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Are your IT privileged administrators (users with escalated rights) using static passwords to authenticate to mission-critical applications-such as your firewall, VPN, web server or key applications?

How often do you require static passwords to be changed for your critical applications?

Are static passwords used in your organization for remote access, such as access to your VPN?

Are static passwords used for remote access to your web portals?

How often do you require your end users to take user security awareness training?

Do you allow users to save their password in their browser for your web-based applications?

How often are your password policies audited, reviewed, or changed?

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Many people who take this assessment already know that passwords are putting their organization at risk. Use your FREE customized risk assessment report – with your specific results and peer comparisons – to help justify or prompt action within your organization.

Thank you for taking the RSA Risk Assessment.

Every week another 1.2 billion passwords are stolen. Your digital assets are under constant attack – regardless of the size of your business, your industry, or whether your online assets are available only to a small group of office-based users – or open to remote users, customers, partners, vendors around the world.

You can reduce your risk. We hope that our 7 questions – and your customized Risk Assessment Report – have prompted some thought about how you can make your organization and your system access more secure.

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